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Custom Boards

Instead of managing in a traditional Excel program, experience a more efficient management by designing your own boards.
ECOUNT's DIY [Do It Yourself] boards can enable your data to be generated, tracked, and managed in a new and efficient way.


  • In DIY boards, you can configure and use the custom boards according to your company's needs. Viewing and summarizing your data will be much easier and efficient.

Main Features

  • Organize and Create Data Board to Your Desire

    • Add custom entry fields such as numeric type, text type, date type, code type, and file-attaching type fields.
    • Pull the code registered in inventory and accounting modules, such as customer/vendor, item, project, department, and employee(PIC) codes in the boards.
    • Customize the default settings of the boards such as display position, sizing, and default entry values.
  • Viewing Data

    • Search data quickly by using the fields of the boards as search conditions, and convert the searched data into Excel files and printouts.
    • By list setting function, you can customize the fields, display order, and sizing of the fields of each board's list screen.
Custom Boards