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Cost/Expense Control

All corporate cost management must be transparent, clearly specifying the source and purpose of funding,
from the approval of decision makers through the actual expenditures.


  • You can reflect the cost details approved by decision makers on accounting reports.
  • Set and control your budgets by expenditure range.
  • No need to additionally work on the same details for approval, with the link with our Groupware(e-Approval).

Main Features

  • Manage Expenditure through Approval Process

    • When an employee create an expense voucher, it can be reflected on accounting reports after being approved by decision makers.
    • No need for a separate approval system. Use ECOUNT ERP's accounting voucher approval process.
    • Individually give voucher confirmation authorization by user ID and control whether to actually reflect vouchers.
  • Control Budget Execution

    • Set budget limit by department, project, and account.
    • Manage budget excess by sending notifications and blocking vouchers from being saved.
  • Link with Groupware (e-Approval)

    • Attach ERP slips and vouchers when composing e-Approval drafts.
    • The attached slips and vouchers are reflected on Accounting reports after final approval.
    • You can build a system of double-check by approval department / execution department.
Cost/Expense Control