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Cost Management ECOUNT automatically calculates the cost and profit
according to the purchase, production, and sales transactions.

How to calculate the cost
correctly for the company

  • Choose the desired cost calculation method (average cost
    method, FIFO, last purchase cost method) to calculate the
    manufacturing cost of products on a monthly basis.
  • Choose whether to calculate based on outsourcing costs
    pre-entered during item registration or actual outsourcing
    costs to reflect on the cost.
  • Labor costs, expenses, import-related expenses, etc. can be
    reflected in the cost by process of item.
How to calculate the cost correctly for the company

Various cost-related reports

  • Check the profit status by item or customer/vendor based on
    automatically calculated costs.
  • The schedule of cost reflects the automatically calculated
    cost details, and click on the amount to review the detailed
    basis for the cost calculation.
  • Various cost-related reports
  • Various cost-related reports

Pre-cost vs. Actual cost

  • Compare the pre-estimated cost based on the BOM of item before production and the actual cost after production.
  • Analyze the reasons for discrepancies in each category, such as differences in material cost, consumption quantity, etc.
Pre-cost vs Actual cost