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Serial/Lot No. Management

Serial/Lot No Management allows to have better control of quality control, warranty management, and product recalls.
ECOUNT ERP Serial/Lot No. Management allows you to manage items and track inventory history in detail.


  • Manage and track the history of each Serial/Lot No.
  • Enter and view your inventory data by Serial/Lot No.
  • Serial/Lot No. can also be managed by barcode.

Main Features

  • Track History by Serial/Lot No.

    • Assign individual Serial/Lot No. to the items of the same type, track the distribution and production process, and manage post-sales history such as after-sales service.
    • Create a large amount of Serial/Lot No. using the auto-generate function or upload existing data via ECOUNT Web Uploader.
    • Various reports such as Serial/Lot No., Inventory Balance and Book can be used to manage detailed history by Serial/Lot No.
  • Inventory Management using Serial/Lot No. Management

    • In all menus involving inventory change such as sales, purchases, production, after-sales service, product defect, and returns, each item can be managed individually by selecting Serial/Lot No.
    • Based on each warehouse(store)'s inventory on hand with Serial/Lot No., inventory data can be processed.
    • Add fields of Serial/Lot No. in various inventory reports such as Sales/Purchase Status.
  • Manage Serial/Lot No. by Barcode

    • By creating barcodes and printing, Serial/Lot No management allows proper barcode scanning without having to memorize complicated numbers.
    • Scan the Serial/Lot No. barcodes with ECOUNT App, and the scanned data immediately sync to ERP software.
Serial/Lot No. Management