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Easy Entry

ECOUNT is an easy-to-use program for beginners who are not familiar with accounting double-entry book keeping.
Simply by entering in customer, transaction amount, and method of deposit/withdrawal by each transaction, the program will automatically process your double-entry book keeping.
  • Even accounting beginners can use the automatic journal entry function to create accounting vouchers.
  • All accounting data automatically sync to various reports, without having to additionally create reports.
  • Experience an integrated management between Inventory and Accounting, by linking with sales and purchase data.
    Main Features
    • Easy Entry
      • Both direct journal entry and auto journal entry functions are provided for all users including accounting experts and beginners.
      • Complex journal entry can be done simply by entering in basic information such as customer and amount.
    • Real-time Financial Reports
      • All data entered in ECOUNT ERP automatically sync to relevant books and ledgers.
      • View all your desired ledgers and books without having to additionally work on them.
    • Organic Linkage with Other Functions
      • Easily link inventory slips such as sales, purchasing, and production, with accounting vouchers.
      • Experience a precise control of transaction amount by managing each AR/AP data by number.
      • All menus are interlinked with each other, enabling all your departments to work in an integrated environment.
    Easy Entry
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