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Customizable Reports

If you are having trouble generating a specific report using Excel or Word, ECOUNT offers an appropriate alternative.
ECOUNT has developed several inventory and accounting reports with search options designed to quickly find the data you need.
  • No need to create reports using document programs such as Excel, Word, etc.
  • Set whether to view reports by department or employee.
  • Create various inventory and accounting reports. Generate customer statements that display total sales, payments made, and outstanding balances.
    Main Features
    • Generate Custom Reports
      • A variety of standard Inventory and Accounting reports are provided, so you are able to find what you need without any additional setup.
      • Create up to 50 different report versions in the form you need.
      • A report can be generated that reflects various conditions and item information.
    • Assign Viewing Restriction by Report
      • You can grant permission to allow employees to view certain reports.
      • Restrict by department what reports you wish your employees to have access to view.
      • For instance, set up a report where purchase prices are not displayed and set it to be used by manufacturing or sales department.
      • And create another report displaying all prices for the purchasing department.
    • Create Custom Statements
      • Customer ledgers that include the transaction details with each customer can be customized of form.
      • Ledgers for overseas customers can be created in the corresponding language. Ledger template customization is most useful when the ledgers have to display different information per each customer.
      • The written customer book can be converted into PDF or Excel file and immediately sent to customers via email.
    Customizable Reports
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