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Optimization of Functions in Use Optimize the program environment of ECOUNT the way you want
by using the widget, choosing menus to use, setting up the input screen, etc.

Optimize program environment

  • ECOUNT provides all functions such as inventory, accounting,
    HR/payroll, etc.
  • Select which functions to use or not to use through the Menu Setup.
  • Compose the MyPage, like adding to favorites, to set up the
    functions that is frequently used by user.
  • Optimize program environment
  • Optimize program environment

Set up the input screen
the way you want

  • Add/modify/delete input fields.
  • Set up a formula to calculate
    the weight, sales incentives, etc.
  • Assign required fields and do not allow the slips
    to be saved when these required fields are not filled in.
Set up the input screen the way we want

Additional features for
more convenience

  • Add an outstanding receivable field in the sales input
    screen to display the receivable balance before/after
    the particular transaction.
  • Bring the desired details from the registered
    customer/vendor or item automatically to the
    customized fields when selecting the
    customer/vendor or item.
  • Set up a frequently used phrases to the customized
    field to select from the list.
Additional features for more convenience

Check out the major tasks in one screen

  • The key reports from inventory and accounting, boards, messages, mails from groupware,
    can be seen in the very first screen at a glance.
  • Enter a slip while viewing the data without moving to another menu.
  • Each user ID can set their own widget layout; the layout on the PC version can also be applied to the mobile.