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Unlimited Users

ECOUNT offers unlimited user IDs at no additional cost! Introduce everyone in your company to one software and bridge communication.
  • Unlimited users, all members can use all the features at no additional cost.
  • Set authorization to enter, view, and delete data by user and department.
  • By various ERP login settings, allow only authorized IDs to access ERP.
    Main Features
    • Unlimited Users
      • Register unlimited users at no extra charge.
      • Authorization for user IDs can be assigned only by the Master ID.
      • Upon registering a new user ID, it can immediately be used within the authorization given.
      • There is no limit on the number of user IDs, to help SMEs manage their entire company without burden of cost.
    • Set Authorization by User/Department
      • By each user ID, authorizations such as view/modify/delete can be set in detail for each menu.
      • Authorizations for viewing/modifying customer, location, item, and department as well as menus can be set.
    • Account Access Authorization
      • Control unauthorized access by restricting access time, and IP address by User ID.
      • Set the IP permitted of access by each user ID to allow employees to access ERP only at a specific location such as office.
      • By setting the access time limit, control the time the entire company/specific user can log in.
    Unlimited Users
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