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$100 Million+ Sales Companies

Why those company with $100 Million+ Sales Income Choose ECOUNT?

Failed Program Development

After around 3 to 5 years of implementing an in-house customized ERP, many companies start to face its shortcomings.
When it comes to failure, it makes people wise and to learn from the past mistakes they have made to move on.

  • Are you sure that the program can provide what you need right now?
  • Can you use the program well after introducing it to the company?

So, that is why they start coming to ECOUNT for our services.
They do not come because of the much cheaper price, compared with their previous program.
They come looking for ECOUNT because of our functions, availability and potential to expand further in the future.

Limitation with Old Ways

If a company grows, ways of managing must grow together.
Facing limitations is a common thing when companies start managing with Excel when they were a small company.
The work is not linked or shared properly between departments and among members, and tend to enter the details repeatedly.

ECOUNT Implementation Process for Companies with $100 Million+ Sales Income

#1 Skeptical and Suspicious

Is it really $55/month for a company? Not for each user ID?
Can we actually manage the whole company with a such a cheap program?
At first, companies start questioning the functions and its stability due to low price.

#2 Decision-making Upon Real Demo

We do show how our program works, not with fancy powerpoint presentations and booklets like any other ERP companies, but with the actual program.
We do not simply explain vaguely and say that you can use the program after it is developed which may take up to months.
'This can really work for us'
This is a common comment we receive from the customers we visit, after showing them what we can provide.
Check for yourselves with your own eyes all the reports we can give you.

Just $55/month, But Offer Much More Than a Customized ERP

Many companies come to realization that after using ECOUNT, there is really no need to spend a lot of money on developing a program just for their company.
Since we already have everything a company may need, you don’t need to spend so much to add on another function or to change formats of templates.

Just RM200/month, But Offer Much More Than a Customized ERP

How Management Becomes Easy with ECOUNT

All Functions You May Need

ECOUNT offers all functions a company would need, ranging from inventory, production, accounting, sales, purchases and even payroll.
To even serial/lot numbers, import book, quality control can be all managed in ECOUNT.

Various Reports

Sales reports, A/R status, monthly income statements, production reports, payroll books are also offered by ECOUNT.
General reports that a company would need are all provided, and adjustments of the report format can be made by the users themselves.

Everyone Using an Unique ID

Since you can register unlimited number of user IDs without any cost, you can create and give an unique ID for every employee.
Limiting what can be seen and read by each ID is done with authorization settings.

Real-time Sharing

As the company grows in size, the workload also grows and it may become quite difficult to share data around.
Sinch ECOUNT is 100% web-based, you can handle everything wherever you may be.
Fast decision making is also possible with what has been input by each person in charge.


Sharing data is crucial as company grows bigger and bigger.
If you utilize e-approval, work and share bulletin boards, file sharing boards in ECOUNT, you can order and share work in a company easily.
All data are left with history since its creation for easy tracking purposes.