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UserPay System

Online Payroll Statement System (UserPay) is an incredible feature that innovates the traditional payroll statement system in an efficient way.


  • Each employee can view their own payroll details online.
  • The employees can personally enter in their time attendance logs as well, including paid leaves and overtime work.

Main Features

  • Online Payroll Statement System (UserPay)

    • UserPay is a free-of-charge additional service, where each employee can view their own payroll details online.
    • Not only the month's payroll but also the payroll history of all the months since the start of the employment can be viewed and, used as the basis of payroll calculation.
  • Useful for Processing Personal HR/Tax Work

    • Each employee can print out the necessary data to their needs.
    • Request a paid leave or additional work hour, and view the approval status in UserPay.
UserPay System