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Sales Plan Management

Building a sales plan can help each employee achieve their sales goal.
ECOUNT can help you set a specific goal based on accurate figures, and build an effective strategy to achieve that goal.
  • Set a systematic sales plan and goal for your company's continued growth.
  • With our comparison report between sales forecast and the actual sales, easily view the achievement rate of your sales plan and goal.
    Main Features
    • Sales Planning
      • Set a sales target amount by date.
      • Input screen settings allow you to plan sales goals by employee, locations(store), project, and item.
    • Comparing Sales Figures
      • View sales performance against the sales plan in the Sales vs. Sales Forecast.
      • Use the various search conditions to view the Sales vs. Sales Forecast in your desired format.
      • Review the variance and the achievement rate against the estimated sales amount by various condition.
    Sales Plan Management
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