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Fixed Assets Management

With ECOUNT's Fixed Assets feature, the program automatically calculates depreciations.
You can view at a glance the relevant reports such as Asset Book and immediately reflect the calculated results on Accounting closing data.


  • Manage your company assets by classifying them to your desire.
  • Automatically calculate depreciation cost according to each asset's properties.

Main Features

  • Fixed Asset Management

    • Enter in the depreciation method, the number of year of use, and residual value, and manage your assets by type.
    • Process your fixed asset increase, disposal and disposal by sale, depending on the changes in asset status.
    • Manage the history of your fixed assets including the increase and decrease in their quantity and amount.
  • Calculate Depreciation

    • Simply enter the basic information of each asset, and the program automatically calculates depreciation.
    • The calculated depreciation amount can automatically be reflected on accounting closing data.
    • Your fixed asset history prior to using ECOUNT ERP including increase and depreciation can also be reflected.
Fixed Assets Management