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Import Management

As for import transactions, the gap between the contract and the final delivery is long, and various expenses and variables occur.
Hence, import transactions should be managed by each transaction.


  • You can process your entire import process in ECOUNT.
  • Incidental expenses of imports can be reflected in costing.

Main Features

  • Import Process Management

    • The import menus in ERP are organized as the same as the practical import process, from receipt of invoices to payment of custom fees, customs clearance and account transfer.
    • By assigning a tracking number by each import transaction, the details you enter in individual menus can be managed in an integrated way by the number.
    • Register and use your company's own import expense in addition to the basic expenses such as customs fees, freight charges, and unloading charges.
  • Reflecting Incidental Costs

    • Include your incidental expenses that occurred from import when entering in your purchase details.
    • View the costing details including import incidental expenses in purchase costing reports.
    • Also, view the costing including import incidental expenses in financial statements such as income statement.
Import Management