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Data Migration & Batch Uploads

Do you have a batch of data to import? If so, ECOUNT Excel Uploader can help migrate data easy and fast.
ECOUNT Excel uploader presents templates in Excel format to organize data and migrate to its appropriate menu.


  • If you have existing data in Excel, you can add the Excel Uploader add-in and migrate data into ECOUNT ERP.
  • All data entered in ECOUNT ERP can be converted to Excel and downloaded.

Main Features

  • ECOUNT Excel Uploader

    • Use the ECOUNT uploader to batch upload data. You can upload all inventory items, inventory quantity, accounting , sales and purchases data in batch format directly in Excel, without having to additionally log in ERP. If an error occurs during the upload process, one will receive where the error is coming from and make adjustments.
    • Also, if you use ECOUNT Web Uploader, you can also batch upload data within ERP menus without installing any program.
    • Item, Customer/Vendor, past transaction history and accounting vouchers can be uploaded in batch.
    • Also, you can modify or add information to the data already set up in ERP, using Web Uploader or Excel add-in.
  • Export Data via Excel

    • All data entered in ECOUNT ERP can be converted in an Excel file and downloaded into your PC.
    • Various reports and major financial statements can be extracted in an Excel file exactly as they are displayed in the screen.
    • Without additionally requesting to ECOUNT, you can directly set the date range and backup the entered data.
    • Set the Excel converting authorization by each user ID to prevent management data leakage.
Data Migration & Batch Uploads