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Mobile App

Are you on business trips frequently? If so, don't worry. ECOUNT is here to help you control your daily company operations from miles away.
ECOUNT ERP is a web-based program optimized to make business tasks more transparent and accessible from a mobile app.


  • Access ECOUNT from your mobile app as you would from the desktop version.
  • The mobile app allows one to scan barcodes of items, check on sales, purchases, inventory quantity and more.
  • App push notifications allow for one to be notified of any business updates.

Main Features

  • ECOUNT Mobile App

    • ECOUNT offer a free mobile app designed to be used the same as the desktop version. Manage your business at the palm of your hand. Scan barcodes, create sales, purchases, manage e-approvals, share files, instantly chat with employees and more.
    • Even on remote or overseas business trips, anywhere you can carry out works and approve submitted drafts.
  • Barcode Scanning with Mobile App

    • By scanning the label of item barcode with your smartphone camera, create your item receipt/release data.
    • Process your sales with mobile App and send sales invoices via email.
    • The app is useful for managing inventory and releases at warehouses or stores far from the office.
  • Real-time Work Progress Checking via App Push Notifications

    • The created ERP data can be sent via mobile app push.
    • The slips and work-related notices created not only on mobile but also on PCs can be viewed outside the office in real-time.
    • Via company messenger within the mobile app, a real-time communication is possible between staffs.
    • By setting mobile app push disabled time, you can block the notifications in a certain range of time such as night time.
Mobile App