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Why Should Small Business Enterprises use an ERP Software?

To be successful in business


Many small and med-sized companies process daily work using Excel but there are numerous limitations compared to an ERP software.
In addition to problems such as data loss, omission, misinformation, and employee retirement, Excel becomes difficult to manage when the company grows or the work flow gets more complicated.

Work Silo

It's inconvenient if the ERP software is installed on a limited amount of computers and used by the computer owners only.
If your accounting, purchasing, and sales team each uses a separate program or Excel, each team has to enter the same data multiple times, creating duplicate work. Moreover, if the data they have are different from each other, it can cause a crucial problem in the future.

ERP Software

Developing and implementing an ERP software at an expensive cost will not solve the problem.
Most of the Small to mid-sized companies who implement an ERP software go back to Excel after 4-5 years.
The main causes are : inability to customize the system for the changes in work, developing companies closing down, data errors, excessive maintenance cost, and more.

Hence, it's important to choose an efficient, credible, and affordable ERP Software.
What is a good ERP?

A good ERP Software can help you make your business more efficient and grow faster.

A Simple ERP Software

  • Transaction data inputted in the ERP software are reflected real time on every relevant modules and various types of reports are automatically generated based from that transaction data as well.
    For example, if you enter a sales transaction in the system, the data is affects all the sales relevant book in real time which allows managing sales performances easily.
    Accounts Recievables are recorded simultaneously during the sales transactions which eliminates the need to enter the data twice.
  • You may easily view your data just by logging into the ERP software.
    All the necessary data can be easily checked in the software instead of searching for the data in Excel by opening myriads of Excel files
    This saves you the unnecessary time to request and exchange data via email between colleagues.
  • No Location and Time limitation
    Our ERP Software can be used regardless of location by accessing the program using your mobile device
    You can use the ECOUNT mobile app on your phone or tablet PC, quickly processing any urgent work at any time.

A Customizable ERP Software

  • The scope of software usage can be set differently depending on the position or department.
    For example, you can limit the Sales team to only use the Sales related functions by settinig authorization levels for each menu and users.
    OrFurthermore, you can limit users to stop them from deleting or modying data.
  • A change in the work process can be applied to the software immediately.
    A good ERP software should allow you to use all functions without any limitations, and freely customize its functions to your desire.
    For instance, in ECOUNT ERP, after using accounting management feature, you can add Inventory feature when you need.

A Work-interlinking ERP Software

  • Ecount ERP has all the features a company needs,
    useful for companies with scale, where work is interlinked between multiple departments.
    All types of work can be processed within a single ERP, preventing wrong data entry or omission.
  • If you enter in a new sales order, it can be imported to create a purchase or production data.
    A salesperson outside the office visiting customers can make a sales decision after checking production status via mobile ERP app.
    The sales data entered by the salesperson can immediately be invoiced to the customers by the accounting staffs in the office.
    Sales and invoicing data are reflected on receivables by each customer, allowing a real-time receivable management.
  • No problem if a staff resigns abruptly.
    The data entered in ERP will remain, and all the necessary data will be available for later view.
    Since you can easily check the past transaction history in relevant reports,
    your work flow won't suffer turbulence even if there is a frequent change in staffs.