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Data Security

No system can be safe without a specialized cyber security operated 24/7
Protect your company's business data with Ecount ERP to spare time and money spent on server management and data security.


  • With the acquisition of the International Security Certification ISO27001, ECOUNT ensures a strong data security.
  • We restrict access to our database and keep customer data safe through data backup and encryption.
  • All servers are stored in Amazon Web Service(AWS) ensuring any cyber leakage and penetration from external threats.
  • Manage and flexibly adjust users' security level of your data with Ecount ERP.

    Main Features

    • Acquisition of ISO27001 International Certification

      • ISO 27001 Certification is an internationally recognized certification that mandates 114 security standards by an international board of members in the field of cyber security.
      • ECOUNT has obtained the ISO 27001 certification to enhance internal security system and improve client credibility.
      • ECOUNT observes and conducts the following tasks to meet the latest ISO 27001 requirements which is updated annually.
        • 1. Yearly regular audit from external security-specialized auditors
          • ECOUNT is regularly audited by external cyber security auditors to examine our security teams' data encryption work process.
          • By simulating the latest hacking technology to find any possible weaknesses in our security, we reinforce our system's security to prepare for any form of cyber attacks.
          • Servers and databases are inspected regularly for improvement and enhancement in system security.
        • 2. Encrypting important data
          • Any data inputted into Ecount ERP is securely transmitted to databases through encrypted transmission.
          • Important personal information such as account number and card number is encrypted using an algorithm and stored on the server.
          • Encryption keys are stored in a thoroughly controlled environment which is limited to authorized people only.
        • 3. Restrict access to database
          • Only members with security clearance are allowed to access the database for maintenance and development purposes.
          • Any access to the main server and databases is recorded with audit trails which is reviewed regularly.
          • Abnormal access attempts are monitored in real-time and immediately blocked to prevent any security threats.
        • 4. Internal network security
          • We separate network servers for business usage and backend usage to block any data leakage that might penetrate from the business server.
          • Each network is protected by firewalls and malicious site filtering to control access and avoid infection from malicious codes.
        • 5. Backup to secure data
          • Any data inputted into the system is backed up daily and monitored for security purposes only.
          • Data are scattered to multiple database centers and saved simultaneously to avoid data loss in case of emergencies.
        • 6. Build and manage internal security policies
          • ECOUNT's security department is fully dedicated to cyber security and thoroughly examines internal data security.
          • We check whether our security policies are up-to-date properly through regular internal audits.
          • Ecount fulfills on its compliance with Information Security Laws (Privacy Law, Information Network Law) and reflects them on internal security policies.
        • 7. Regular security checks and cyber security training for all employees
          • Ecount employees follow security requirements by following the Clean Desk Policy and deleting any data with private information from their computers.
          • Ecount employees are restricted using USBs on business computers and limited to external file servers or P2P sites.
          • All employees are trained on cyber security every year to enhance awareness for security.
    • Servers Stored in Amazon Web Services(AWS)

      • All ECOUNT servers are securely managed in Amazon Web Services(AWS), the world's leading cloud provider.
      • Threats to servers such as DDoS and Malware attacks are blocked to protect data from hacking and external threats.
      • Our team specialized in cyber security monitors servers and database to respond to security threats in real-time.
    • Customize Your Account Security Level

      • Set restricted ERP access hours by users.
      • Block access for a particular IP or block access to ERP during forbidden hours.
      • Set password change cycles to secure individual accounts.
      • Administrators can view login history by user, and restrict login from unauthorized locations (e.g. forced logout).
    ISO 27001
    ISO 27001