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Free System Upgrades

ECOUNT is always working to improve our software capabilities. We have conducted 27,000 free upgrades over the last 20 years. Working with ECOUNT means you have a great software able to grow with your company needs.


  • Our objective behind software updates is to allow our software to stay relevant despite the changes of business or new accounting regulations. ECOUNT takes user feedback through an internal process, and if all customers can find it beneficial, may deploy your suggestion on our next update.

Main Features

  • Free Daily Upgrades

    • ECOUNT conducts system upgrades daily for free.
    • These updates are mandatory but are given with plenty of notices to allow customers to be prepared for the changes.
    • Upgrades are applied the same to mobile app as well as PC environment. Also, with our server upgrades, you can benefit from the same upgrades, since you access ERP via ECOUNT server.
  • Software Customization

    • ECOUNT has set up key modules to allow you to use the software quickly.
    • Add your own details with the fields provided for items, customer, and prices, in input screens and printout templates.
  • Suggestion-feedback Process

    • If you do not have the necessary features in ECOUNT, you can give suggestions to us, and we make a weekly meeting to decide whether to develop.
    • After the meeting, we are providing immediate feedback to the requestor regarding the development and progress of the request.
    • It is based on the principle that the functions requested by many customers are developed and upgraded as soon as possible.
Free System Upgrades