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Cloud Based ERP

Having a ERP that is not 100% cloud based or used in real time can make it difficult accessing and sharing your data with employees and executives.
ECOUNT is 100% cloud based and allows all members to view accurate data reflected in real-time without time and location constraints.


  • Only with Internet access, you can view all software information. This creates an easy method to run your business at any time, even when out of the office.
  • ECOUNT can be used on devices such as Windows, MacOS, PC, Laptops, Tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Since it doesn't require an additional installation, you can use it immediately at the time you decide to use it.
  • Your data is stored not in your personal computer but in ECOUNT server, freeing you from worries of daily backup or data security.

Main Features

  • 100% Cloud based ERP - Access Anytime, Anywhere

    • Access ECOUNT anywhere, anytime, regardless of domestic or overseas location.
    • Even if the salesperson is outside the office location, with authorization one can immediately check the necessary information, such as the customer information or the item price, through the mobile app.
    • All users can see updated items, sales, purchase, or shipping data in real-time.
  • Integrated Work Management

    • All data are reflected to reports immediately at the time of entering.
    • Within the given authorization, one can view the work progress status of other departments.
  • Transparent Connectivity

    • Use ECOUNT on any device such as PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.
    • Since it's not an installed ERP, it doesn't require high PC specifications.
  • Easy Setup

    • Since most of the features a company needs are already available in a cloud based ERP, you just can use them immediately without additional program development or implementation process.
    • No installation is required. Use immediately after your decision-making.
    • No additional installation is required for function upgrades, and your data are kept safe even when formatting your PC.
  • Account Security and Backup

    • The data one enters will be stored securely on ECOUNT server with each save, not on your PC, or personal server or USB.
    • ECOUNT server uses Amazon Web Services(AWS) and is designed to be secure and block any virus or issues.
    • We encrypt the stored data to prevent unauthorized sources, and then back it up every day.
Cloud Based ERP