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Cloud Storage

For a smooth work sharing, it is essential to easily access and share work-related data.
EC Drive (ECOUNT's cloud storage) can give you more than simply storing your files - experience our real-time data sync to keep your data current.


  • The documents stored in EC Drive are auto-synced - all users can view the most current data.
  • Set up each user's authority in details - Input, Edit, and Delete - to keep your data safe.
  • No need to run your Web browser. Access your cloud directly through the Windows Explorer on your PC.
  • EC Drive is available to any GW service user free of charge.

Main Features

  • Real-time Sync on Any Device

    • At the same time you save a file, it will be immediately synced to all devices including PC, laptop, tablet PC, and mobile.
    • Since any user can access updated data in real-time, it can prevent confusing data in work communications.
  • Top-level Security

    • All servers of ECOUNT are stored in Amazon Web Service(AWS) to keep top-level security.
    • Since all data are stored not on individual PC but on a cloud service, there is no need to worry about data loss from PC breakdown or virus.
    • Detailed authority setup per user will allow to enhance the security of your most important documents.
  • Access Cloud without Web Browser Access

    • No need to run your Web Browser. Simply run Windows Explorer on your PC and run the cloud for a quick work processing.
    • You can set it to run your Windows Explorer cloud automatically, immediately after booting your PC.
Cloud Storage