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Remote Support Program

Want to share the screen of your customer who's at a distant place, for a speed and accurate work?
Our Remote Support Program can help you share screen with your customer, anytime anywhere. Deal with your issues much conveniently.


  • Share a remote PC's screen in real-time.
  • Use screen-sharing and remote control for technical support and further communication.
  • No extra charge - enjoy the service free of charge.

Main Features

  • Simply Connect to Remove PC

    • It is easy. Click the URL address sent through Web to use the remove service.
    • Run the service, and then enter the waiting number that is auto-generated by the program. Then your PC will be immediately connected to the inviter's PC.
  • Customize Shared Screen

    • The program supports to adjust the shared screen's zoom rate to fit your own monitor.
    • You can also select the screen's display quality, based on the controlling PC's specifications and communication quality.
  • Remote PC Control

    • The inviter can reboot the remotely connected PC through remote connection. Once rebooted, the PC will automatically be connected to remote access again.
    • With the control on, the inviter can run Windows Explorer or press Windows Start key on the invitee's PC.
  • Real-time Cooperation

    • The remote program supports chat messenger for a smoother communication.
    • The shared screen can be exported and saved on your PC. Manage your history of work sharing.
Remote Support Program