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Work Sharing

Share important data between employees or executives.
With ECOUNT, you can create various boards for multiple purposes, and share work in real-time.


  • Record and share your work with all employees, and view past data easily.
  • You can build a collaborative system and share work progress, company projects, and feedback.

Main Features

  • Share Work Board

    • Create up to 50 different discussion boards for your teams or individuals and assign progress status for each forum. Regardless of the classification of the board, you can manage only the documents that you have sent or received. Share attachments such as documents and images.
    • Real-time notifications can be sent by messages and email to confirm acceptance of work task.
  • Collaboration Transparency

    • Assign employees and track the progress to work board created.
    • Manage work boards by status of New/In Progress/Hold/Stop/Finished. View only the work in progress if you desire.
    • Easily share business data between users and departments in one place, and stay on track.
    • Safely and securely store your company's documents in the ERP system.
Work Sharing