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Barcode Management

Manage barcode through Ecount's Barcode Inventory Management feature. With ECOUNT mobile app, create and scan item release/receipt data with your mobile phone.
With ECOUNT mobile app, you can create item release/receipt data by scanning barcodes with your mobile phone camera.


  • Register barcodes by each item.
  • Print barcode labels and attach them to products.
  • Scan the barcodes of items to precisely control inventory in real-time.
  • Enter item inventory changes by scanning item barcodes with mobile camera using our ECOUNT App.

Main Features

  • Barcode Management

    • Ecount ERP's Barcode Inventory Management feature makes inventory tracking, receiving and shipping easy.
    • By scanning or entering a barcode, inventory quantity changes such as sales, purchases, and production can be recorded.
    • Even when entering numbers or characters that do not conform to one of the official barcode systems, the program will convert the entry to fit the official barcode system.
  • Print Barcode Label

    • Customize barcode labels and add the information you want to print in the labels.
    • Barcode Inventory Management feature allows 6 types of barcodes : Code39, Code128, Ean13, ISBN, QR Code, Date Matrix
  • Record Receipt/Release by Barcode

    • Entering inventory changes such as sales and purchases, you can use a barcode scanner to enter item quantity.
    • As for stores with mass customers, sales can be quickly processed using barcode scanning function with barcode management.
  • Barcode Scanning with ECOUNT App

    • After installing ECOUNT mobile app on your phone, you can scan barcodes with mobile phone camera.
    • Inventory changes processed by barcode scanning automatically sync to ERP data.
    • Using ECOUNT app, you can easily process inventory outside your office such as at your warehouses and factories.
  • Slip Management with Barcode Management

    • After creating a slip, generate a barcode of the slip when printing it.
    • Search your slips quickly by scanning their barcode.
    • Import and apply the data of your existing slips by scanning their barcode.
      (Example: in New Purchases input screen, import your purchase order slips by scanning their barcode)
Barcode Management