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Inventory Reports

ECOUNT has designed a Inventory module that will track all all increases and decreases of inventory.
The Inventory Reports were designed to simplify the needs of real time reporting.


  • Obtain all the information about your inventory to make better decisions to keep business expanding.
  • All data added will prompt instantly and generate accurate reporting in seconds.
  • Customize reports that fits company needs.

Main Features

  • Various Inventory Reports

    • Management Report: Inventory Balance / Inventory Book / Inventory Summary / Daily Inventory Report and more
    • Sales Related: Sales Status / Outstanding S/O Status / Profit Status / Quotation Status and more
    • Purchase Related: Purchase Status / Purchase Order Status / Outstanding P/O Status and more
    • Manufacture related: Job Order Status / Goods Issued Status / Goods Receipt Status and more
    • Others: Location Tran. Status / Defect Rate Status / Inv. Adjustment Status and more
  • Auto-generated Reports

    • Data entered in sales, purchasing, and production modules will display in real-time and reflected in inventory reports.
    • View transaction details by selecting our hyperlinks to refer back to data.
  • Real time reporting and customized Inventory Reports.

    • Register up to 50 Inventory Reports with customized specifications.
    • Locate item information using various search filters in the Inventory Report menu.
    • View Inventory Report details by specific user ID.
    • Save time and streamline your operations without having to relies on Excel using Ecount Inventory Reports.
Inventory Reports