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Item Management

For a smooth inventory management, it is necessary to systematically organize the classification of items.
You can use ECOUNT to register various information such description, specification, and group them by category.


  • Ability to register and manage various information on items
  • Organization by category and management features
  • Efficiently register large sums of items with Excel uploader.
  • V visibly accessible item inventory change history using item management.

Main Features

  • Item Information Management

    • You can register numerous information such as quantity, unit price, cost, etc.
    • Set additional fields to manage the items information in detail.
    • Item Management allows you to access desired item(s) details such as image, and quantity relation settings in one screen.
  • Item Category Classification

    • Access to manage the item group by registering subgroups at a max of 10 levels which include manufacturer, brand, color,etc.
    • When entering and viewing registered data, you can easily search desired items through their assigned Item Group.
  • Batch Registration of Item Information

    • You can easily upload an existing item list to ECOUNT via the Excel Uploader function.
    • User can edit by grouping the information of items previously registered in Item Management.
  • Inventory Change History by Item

    • In all menus such as sale, purchase, and production, you can search data by categorization of each item and directly view it.
    • In one screen, without moving between pages, you can process inputs and view all data such as inventory status and history, sales, purchases by item.
    • Customize the form of your sales invoice, inventory reports, and add detailed item information with the item management feature.
Item Management