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Warehouse Management Software

Manage all inventory amongst multiple locations.
Verify and generate in ECOUNT's Warehouse Management Software real time inventory reports.


  • In seconds using our Warehouse Management Software set up locations.
  • Set up multiple locations and verify inventory instantly.

Main Features

  • Manage all Locations with our unique Warehouse Management Software.

    • There is no limit to the amount of locations that can be set up, one can manage all your inventory distributed to multiple locations/stores.
    • Generate detailed reports in seconds and share with upper management.
    • ECOUNT's Warehouse Management Software allows one to review all inventory movements amongst various locations
  • Set Location Access Permissions

    • Specify the access point of a location by user ID.
    • Use the ECOUNT CS Portal and give customer access to a specific warehouse with usage of our Warehouse Management Software.
  • Auto-calculate Inventory Changes

    • All sales, purchasing, and production data entered will be automatically reflected in the inventory reports.
    • The usage of our one of a kind Warehouse Management Software helps avoid double entry of data.
    • Ecount's Warehouse Mangement Software accurately reflects the increase/decrease of inventory, and ensures reports to display live data.
  • Real-time Inventory Management

    • With Ecount's Warehouse Management Software one will have access to company data at any time, anywhere in or out of the office.
Warehouse Management Software