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Master Production Schedule(MPS).

An efficient factory requires having set a production plan design to manage and schedule manufacturing quantity in advance accordingly. ECOUNT ERP can help manage the schedule of production and material order by MPS (Master Production Schedule) feature.


  • Build a Master Production Schedule(MPS) from sales and purchase data.
  • View quantity scheduled to be produced by date and other filter options.
  • Based on the set production schedule, decide the time and amount of material procurement.

Main Features

  • Criteria of Master Production Schedule(MPS).

    • Creating a Master Production Schedule(MPS), one can import the items to be manufactured from sales orders and sales forecasts.
    • Decide whether to reflect safety stock on setting production schedule.
    • Set whether to include holidays in the Master Production Schedule(MPS).
    • Based on the settings on safety stock and holidays, production schedule is automatically created.
  • View Production Schedule by Date

    • After creating an Master Production Schedule(MPS), you can automatically view the production schedule by date and item.
    • The production quantity by period is calculated based on each item's procurement period.
    • Based on the schedule data, depending on each production, you can also modify the schedule.
  • Link with Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

    • You can link the production schedule set by MPS feature to our Material Requirement Planning (MRP) feature,
      to decide the timing and required quantity of material procurement.
    • The MRP feature will help you build an optimal purchase order plan, and realize a systematic order process by linking with purchase order feature.
Master Production Schedule(MPS).