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Purchase Order

ECOUNT ERP Purchase Order management software allows linking from sales orders, to purchase orders.


  • Generate a purchase order fast and easy by importing data linked to the purchase order menu.
  • Immediately create a purchase order optimized for your company's work.
  • Check the status of your purchase orders at a glance.

Main Features

  • Purchase Order Entry

    • Apply to your purchase order the sales orders from customers, or the required raw/sub material quantities calculated in purchase plan menu.
    • Import the data entered in purchase plan, sales order, and RFQ menus.
    • Set the delivery date by each item, making order schedule management easier.
  • Various Way of Sending Purchase Order

    • Purchase order can be immediately printed once it is saved, and sent to the vendor right away.
    • Sent in real-time via email and message, and it can be done with our mobile App as well.
    • Immediately check the e-mail receipt status of your vendors after sending purchase orders to them.
    • Up to 50 different purchase order templates can be customized for each company's needs, and you can assign which template is to be used by each user ID.
  • Progress Confirmation

    • You can check how many items have not arrived yet compared to the ordered quantity.
    • You can search by the date of delivery date, or check it in a calendar form.
Purchase Order