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After-sales Management

In order to build a long-term relationship with customers, taking care of after-sales service and product maintenance is crucial.
ECOUNT ERP can help you manage your after-sales progress status well by viewing customer history.


  • After-sales service requests and measures can be recorded and viewed.
  • Customize the types of repair and progress status to suit your company's own after-sales service flow.
  • Various reports can be viewed to analyze your after-sales service data.

Main Features

  • Repair Order function

    • Create a new repair order by importing your past repair and sales data.
    • Also design repair orders and issue a repair order receipt certificate by scanning the barcode of the items to be repaired.
    • Link Serial/Lot No. when creating a repair order.
    • Register and view your after-sales service data outside your office using mobile app.
  • Advanced Setting Function

    • Add and use the fields you want to manage in your after-sales service in addition to the basic fields.
    • Set the types of repair and progress status for your company's own use.
    • Manage the inventory consumed in after-sales repairs and costs charged for paid repairs.
  • After-sales Data Analysis

    • Manage your after-sales repair data by repair type and progress status. Use various printouts necessary for on-site work such as repair order receipt certificates or invoices for the used parts.
    • Customize reports such as Repair Order Status and Repair Status, and access the analysis data you need.
After-sales Management