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Online Store Management

A lot of customers have difficulty managing their inventory due to the flooding orders and sales coming through various online stores. With ECOUNT, this problem can easily be solved.


  • Collect order data received from different online stores into ECOUNT ERP, and manage them collectively.
  • Easily convert your collected order data into ECOUNT ERP's sales order/sales data.
  • By using the interactive API, you can not only collect orders from online stores but also transmit your ERP data to them.

Main Features

  • Integrated Management of Online Stores

    • By linking with various online stores such as eBay, Taobao, and Lazada, you can collect the orders scattered in those online stores into one single ERP and easily manage them.
    • Using the open API that ECOUNT provides, you can also collect the order data of your own online store into ERP.
  • Generate ERP Data by Online Store Data Transmission

    • Directly generate ERP slips with the order data collected from online stores.
    • You can select which type of slip you want to generate among sales and sales order.
  • Online Store Management by Interactive API

    • In addition to collecting online store data, you can also transfer your ERP data to online stores.
    • Transmit the item information registered in ERP to online stores and automatically register the item within the online stores.
    • Changing the order status such as order confirmed, released, or returned is applied the same in your online stores.
  • List of the online stores currently linked with ECOUNT ERP

    • ECOUNT ERP can be linked with multiple online stores. On average, more than 2 online stores are being added to the list per month.
  • Online Store / Action Process Orders Claims Register Item
    New Order Order Confirmed(Receive) Order Confirmed(Transmit) Delivery Cancel Received Cancelled(Received) Cancelled(Transmission) Return Received Returned Exchange Received Exchanged Register Item
    * As of 30 Apr. 2019