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Track sales, stock and accounts receivable accurately by using ECOUNT's Sales management software.
The efficiency of your work is increased by linking sales with invoice receipt management.


  • Choose among various entry menus depending on your sales need and maximize efficiency.
  • View your sales transactional history and run various sales status reports with sales management software.

Main Features

  • Sales Input Method

    • Create your sales data simply by importing existing sales order data by excel or in desktop version using sales management software.
    • Process your item release by barcode using barcode scanners and ECOUNT mobile app.
    • Easily and quickly register a large amount of sales data using the Excel uploader function.
  • Sales Invoicing

    • Invoice your sales data immediately when you enter your sales data.
    • Invoice sales data either by each sale or by monthly to your desire.
  • Viewing Sales History

    • In Sales Status report, view at a glance all your sales.
    • Customize reports and view the sales data in desired format, such as sales performance by PIC with ECOUNT's sales management software.