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Shipping Management

Miscommunication between the office and the warehouse can lead to shipping errors or delivery delay. However ECOUNT, offers a complete robust shipping management menu to avoid shipping errors.


  • Sales data can be linked to shipping orders, enabling to placing shipping orders with shipping management.
  • Based on shipping order data, the actual shipping can be effectively managed.
  • Shipping progress status can be ran in real-time to make sure deliveries are on time.

Main Features

  • Link with Sales

    • Shipping management allows one to create a shipping order by importing existing sales data.
    • Set to automatically create a shipping order at the time of creating a new sale, and increase your work efficiency.
    • Send notifications to the shipping PIC at the time of creating a shipping order and prevent omission.
    • Automatically import the basic information of the customer in the shipping order input screen.
  • Shipping Management

    • Shipping data can be generated by loading the entered shipping orders.
    • The shipping status and outstanding shipping order quantity compared with shipping orders can be viewed.
    • The PICs of shipping can create shipping data on site using mobile app.
  • Shipping Progress Management

    • Easily track the progress status by setting whether to finish shipping orders when in shipping management module.
    • The data of completed shipping can be viewed at a glance in Shipping Status.
    • Shipment statements can be printed at the time of shipping, and sent to customers via email.
Shipping Management