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Small-to-Medium-Sized Companies

What type of Small Business Software fits my Company?

Finding a Suitable Program May be Stressing

It may be extremely difficult to find the right Small Business Program for your company.
In addition, managing can become more complex and connection between departments can be stressful if you use separate programs, such as a separate accounting program.
On-premise programs limit the number of total users in general, and cannot be used out of the office which makes work sharing difficult.
However with the above problem, to get an in-house ERP developed for your company

Implementation of Advanced Work Process

More than 70,000 companies chose Ecount as their small business software.
Our program is optimized to suit the needs of various companies and their business nature.
With ECOUNT, you can implement an advanced work process structure at an affordable cost.

ECOUNT, the Best Small Business Software

ECOUNT offers all functions with unlimited number of user IDs to be used on web at $55/month.
Even if you manage only a small part of accounting and sales,
because you can use the program anywhere, you can manage all your work effectively.
  • Affordable Small Business Software for only $55/month
    You can use from Inventory, Production, Accounting, Sales, Purchases to even Payroll at just $55/month.
    This means that with just one program, you can manage every single part of your company.
  • Unlimited User IDs
    It does not matter how many users you wish to register, there will be no extra cost for creating additional users.
    When a program charges you for adding users to use the program,
    you would need to worry about who will be using it cost-effectively and who cannot.
  • 100% Web-Based
    Without the need to install the program, ECOUNT can be used anywhere, just as long as you have access to internet.
    Even with ECOUNT mobile apps, you can utilized all functions, so it will make sharing data efficient.

Semipermanent System that Cares for the Company's Future

ECOUNT is constantly seeking to upgrade, even though we are already full of features for you to use.
Continuous upgrades are there to provide better services to our customers,
so various suggestions and policies are taken into ideas for upgrade considerations.
Upgrades make ECOUNT a semipermanent system that can change together with your company.

Top-Notch Support System

If you implement a program but face a hard time to get used to using the program well, then it is wasting both time and money.
ECOUNT offers top-notch support services to help users use the program well.
Top-Notch Support System
  • Customer Call Services: If there is anything you need to know
  • 2 Free Training Services: Professional trainer from ECOUNT will give training on how to use the program well
  • Video Tutorial: Various levels and themes available for video tutorials
  • Remote Services: Consultation can be done with screen-sharing and remote-support.