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  • How can I sign up for ECOUNT?

    You can sign up for our Free Trial – you will have instant access – and then sign up after the 7 day trial or contact us.
  • How do I pay for ECOUNT?

    You can pay for your ECOUNT subscription through PayPal.
  • Why is ECOUNT less expensive than other ERP solutions?

    The goal of ECOUNT is to provide affordable ERP solutions to small and medium sized businesses. The standardized software paired with our large customer base make updates and maintenance less expensive per customer. Additionally, when you purchase the subscription, you have access to all the modules. We don’t try to up sell clients and you don’t have to pay for custom features. These factors make ECOUNT ERP a more affordable solution for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Will I need to install ECOUNT ERP on my computer?

    No. ECOUNT ERP software is in the cloud. This means that the system is stored on our servers and accessible through a secure Internet connection. A downside of many traditional ERP systems is that they must be configured to servers, updated, and maintained. Time and resources go into maintaining an ERP system when really they should go elsewhere. This is not the best solution for businesses! With the system in the cloud, we can take care of the maintenance, updates and security.
  • After I sign up, how long until I can access ECOUNT ERP?

    It will take a few hours to set up the account then it’s ready to go.
  • How customizable is ECOUNT ERP?

    It is very easy to customize your system. Simply go to User Customization and turn on the modules you want and turn off the modules you don’t want. It is easy to set authority-based access – create the security levels desired, create the User IDs, and select all the users for each access level. It’s really as simple as that.
  • My company currently uses QuickBooks. Can I still use QuickBooks and ECOUNT?

    You can but it will not be as efficient nor will you reap the full benefits of the ECOUNT software. You will have to re-key any sales or inventory movement you make into QuickBooks and vice versa. If you are concerned about data migration from QuickBooks to ECOUNT, we have documentation to help guide you through the process.
  • Can I install ECOUNT on my own servers?

    No. ERP systems require a lot of resources and controls maintain security. It would require tens of thousands of dollars to maintain private servers (on-premise or in a data center) at the security level we provide. Many small and medium sized businesses simply cannot afford to maintain the systems at this level. ECOUNT has thousands of clients which lowers the cost of data security per client. If you are concerned about the data security, please take a look at our data security policies and program stability. Using ECOUNT servers allow you to take advantage of our economies of scale.
  • How is business data being secured?

    ECOUNT understands that it is incredibly important to keep client data secure. ECOUNT ERP has controls built in to allow clients to choose who has access and when. In addition to application controls, ECOUNT has received the ISO 27001 certification showing they have met the requirements of a secure information security management system. Learn more about how we keep client data secure.
  • What is ISO 27001 certification?

    ISO 27001 certification is part of the 27000 family of certifications aimed at setting information technology standards. The certification establishes the foundation and controls of an information security management system. It ensures that there are methods to ensure there are no holes in the information system, including paperwork and client information.
  • I want a specific feature on the ECOUNT system. Can you add it in?

    The ECOUNT software is standardized, so new features will appear for all other customers. We value customer feedback and evaluate each request thoroughly. While we cannot add every new feature a customer requests, we have implemented client requests. We appreciate your understanding.
  • My password doesn’t work. What happened?

    It is possible that you either forgot your password or it was automatically changed through the password settings. It is important to change passwords on a regular basis to ensure ongoing security. A new temporary password can be issued and then you can set a new password.
  • Why have so many companies chosen ECOUNT ERP software?

    We are very confident in our product and constantly strive to improve it. Below are some of the reasons we've heard.
    • One aspect that makes us different from other ERP providers is our focus on customer service. Our top focus is not meeting sales quotas but making sure our ERP system can help your business grow.
    • ECOUNT ERP is affordable and functional for small to medium sized companies.
    • ECOUNT ERP helps increase the efficiency and productivity within a company. Companies have found our program helps decrease re-keying, generate reports faster, retrieve real-time information, and decision making.
    • Our product can be easily configured to many different industries and types of companies.