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AR/AP Transaction Management

In industries such as construction or program development where contract period is usually long and contract amount is considerably large, managing each transaction history as well as overall funding is important.


  • Manage your receivables/payables by transaction.
  • Analyze your entered transactions through various reports.

Main Features

  • AR/AP Management by Transaction

    • Select the method by which you want to manage your receivable/payable details.
    • If setting to manage by each transaction, you can set a tracking no. and due date when creating sales/purchases vouchers.
    • Process your receipts and payments based on the tracking numbers assigned to your transactions.
  • Transaction History Analysis

    • View at a glance the progress status of each transaction in AR/AP Aging Details report.
    • Evaluate whether to continue transactions with each customer and their credit rating based on the reports.
AR/AP Transaction Management