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Travel Expenses Management

With ECOUNT's expenses feature, you can manage travel expenses by having your employees personally enter in their expenses details.
You can also search the actual travel expenditure by employee/cost type, and view the entire cost status.


  • You can implement your company's own expense management system.
  • Expenses can be entered in directly by the very employees who came back from business trip.
  • Costs can be analyzed in detail.

Main Features

  • Expense Management

    • Set up the types of cost and travel according to your company's system.
    • Specify the way of control, whether to limit amount, the specific limit amount, and notification method by each expense.
    • Register the period, number of people, relevant cost types by each business trip and manage efficiently.
  • Dividing Your Work

    • Employees given the authorization can directly enter in expense details.
    • Set up the cost types by each business trip code and make it easy for any of your employees to enter in travel expense details.
    • Accounting PIC can review the entered data and directly reflect them on accounting ledgers.
  • Detailed Cost Analysis

    • The executed travel expenses can be analyzed by employee/type/date.
    • Customize various reports to suit your company's work by template setup.
    • Analyze the executed history and build a plan for future business trips and expenditure.
Travel Expenses Management