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Notes Management

Manage notes efficently with our notes menu. This function allows user to enter details of notes payable and notes receivable.


  • Provides a menu to manage notes easily.
  • View various reports related to your notes.

    Main Features

    • Notes Management

      • Various types of note tasks, such as note receipt, maturity, discount, endorsement, etc. are organized into individual input menus.
      • Even if you work in individual menus, if the note number is identical, the results will be shown as those of a single identical note.
      • Since you can manage notes by transaction, even if a large amount of transactions occur, you can manage them by 1:1 matching.
    • Notes Reports

      • View various reports by notes receivable and notes payable.
      • Minimize your notes being missed, by checking them in reports by note number or by due date.
    Notes Management
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