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Widget Features

Quickly view and search for data using our EP option.
You can use the EP widget function to collect the necessary data and see its results immediately.


  • Upon logging in, you can view your business details in a widget form all on one screen.
  • Different screen configurations can be applied for each user (ID).
  • You can also set up the main screen in the mobile app, and apply it to the screen set up on the PC.

Main Features

  • Confirm Business Details in One Screen

    • Every time you log in, you can view inventory, the main reports of accounting, groupware board, message list, memo, mailbox, etc. from the first screen.
    • You can freely adjust the layout of widgets, the position and size of each menu.
    • After confirming the data, you can enter the slip without moving the screen, so you can check and perform the business at the same time.
  • Initial Screen Setting by Each User

    • Set whether to use EP widgets by each user.
    • Limit the widget use by each user and set the search conditions.
  • Mobile App Main Screen Settings

    • You can add frequently used menus to the main screen of your mobile app or create folders to organize related menus into one place.
    • The configuration of the widget set on the PC can be applied to mobile as well.
Widget Features