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Project Plan Management

Set goals by project, and build a systematic plan to achieve the goals. Compare performance against goals, so you can easily see progress and achievements all by using Project Plan Management.


  • Each project, concrete plans to achieve the goal can be established. Goal achievement status can be easily checked.

Main Features

  • Establish Project-specific Goals

    • Set various types of goals to achieve for each project, goal type, and the account to use when linking with ERP accounting.
    • For each type of goal, you can assign the goal amount yearly, quarterly, and monthly, by PIC, customer, or department.
  • Compare Goal vs. Performance

    • In sales, purchases, and accounting module, you can specify a project when creating slips and vouchers when using Project Plan Management.
    • Since you can view at a glance the variance between project goals and actual performance after the project is completed, analyzing project results can be quick and easy.
    • Various forms of project plan/performance status reports can be viewed by period and aggregation type when created in ECOUNTs Project Plan Management.
Project Plan Management