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Defects Management

Reduce defect rate, thereby reducing cost and preventing product recalls using Ecounts Defects Management.
ECOUNT ERP provides a systematic defect management system where you can analyze the processes that have caused product defects and the defect types.


  • Register defect types to fit your management standards and manage using our defects management.
  • When processing data regarding defective items, you can link the data relevant to the defects and easily process them.
  • Check defect status and rate by each defect type in reports.

Main Features

  • Defect Processing Method

    • Our Product Defect Management feature is where you can enter the history of defects occurring in the course of manufacturing and goods release/receipt.
    • By sorting out the defects by 3 defect types(dispose/disassemble/normal use), you can make changes in the inventory quantity of the defective items, such as maintaining or deducting from the current quantity.
  • Defect Type Registration

    • View and summarize the defects by their causes, you can register defect types by using defects management.
    • Register various defect types according to your company's needs without limit.
    • Based on the set defect types, you can process and analyze your defects.
  • Link with Other Tasks

    • Import sales, purchase, goods receipt, and inventory movement data to create product defect data.
    • Load the items processed as unqualified by sampling/lot inspection in quality control and process them as defects.
    • The inventory price of the items processed as defects and discarded can automatically be imported in costing and processed as loss in accounting.
  • Various Reports Related to Defects

    • Defects status can be viewed by various conditions such as cause of defect, defect disposal type, item, quantity, and period.
    • Manufacturers can view the figures of defect rate calculated based on the defect quantity vs. the manufactured quantity by each process using defects management.
Defects Management