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Payables Management

Track accounts payable in real-time and run accurate accounts receivable reports using the payables management module.
Having a clear idea of outstanding debuts will help verify and create financial statements.


  • Creating purchase data and view payables by vendor using payable management.
  • Check the current status of payable by vendor and employee in real-time.
  • When purchasing on credit, you can specify the payment date directly in conjunction with the cash flow projection.

Main Features

  • Reliable Payable Management

    • Manage total purchases, payments, and unpaid amounts by vendor and purchase PIC using Payables Management.
    • The amount of the payable for each vendor is automatically calculated based on the entered purchases and the entered payments.
    • See at a glance the details of your purchases, payment, and outstanding payables by date and customer in Customer/Vendor Book.
    • Share the details to vendors via e-mail sending function.
  • Various Reports

    • Search easily the history of purchase, payment, and outstanding payables over a certain period by each vendor.
    • Verify the outstanding amounts of your vendors by each purchase PIC.
Payables Management