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Credit Limit Management

Keep track of customer credits using ECOUNT's credit limit feature and maintain a flexible fund flow.


  • Set credit limits and period by each customer.
  • Prevent bad debts or receivables uncollected in a long-term by checking credit limits.
  • Easily identify the customers you can continue conducting business with by activating credit limit management.

Main Features

  • Credit Limit and Period Setting

    • The credit limit management feature allows you to limit the amount of your sales on credit, and the period for which the credit can remain outstanding.
    • The function helps you manage the limit of receivable amount and outstanding period by each customer.
  • Instantly create and Check Credit Limits.

    • Set whether you want to check the credit limit when creating sales orders and sales.
    • You can set whether you'll display an alert or also block saving the data if the credit limit amount is exceeded.
    • Setting credit limit management alerts will display the exceeded amount by summing up the existing outstanding amount and the amount in the data you're newly creating.
  • Select Customers by Credit Limits

    • By checking the data in the alert message, you can decide whether to continue trading with the customer.
    • Restrict creating sales orders or sales with long-term unpaid customers by activating credit limit management.
    • Verify the period of receivable collection, by dividing the period between the start of sales and the search date by 30.
Credit Limit Management