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Quotation Management

Track incoming leads with a unique order entry quotation management software.


  • In the quotation management menu, you can include all the information you need and send to your clients.
  • Quotations are delivered in real time by e-mail and fax, reducing business hours and improving accuracy.

Main Features

  • Customized Quotation Templates.

    • Up to 50 individual quotation templates can be created.
    • Add detailed information such as the desired type or item image, contacts, remarks, etc.
    • Search and view the history of the quotes you created in the past.
  • Send Quotes in Real-time

    • Enter quotations, print or send it by e-mail fast and easy with quotation management.
    • View customer previous quotations or to enter potentials sales to later conduct follow ups.
    • Once quote creation is complete, you can send notifications (SMS, messages, app push notifications, etc.) to the relevant department.
    • Selectively send quotations based on the final approval status by using Ecount's e-Approval function.
    • Share quotations via messenger after creating them with internal staff.
  • Various Business Links

    • Quickly pull quotations into sales order menu to close customer sales in a timely manner.
    • Check sales order status and the outstanding order quantity in comparison with the quotations, through reports such as Quotation Status and Outstanding Quote Status.
Quotation Management