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Accessibility & Security

ECOUNT ERP is an entirely web-based program that is accessible at anytime and from anywhere!

Manage Tasks Quickly & Easily Through The Web

  • ECOUNT ERP allows users to log in directly through our website without having to install the program on their PC or server. As a result, users can access the program and perform tasks anytime, anywhere.
  • One of the benefits of using ECOUNT ERP is the ability to see data in real-time, especially for companies that have multiple stores and factories operating from different locations.
  • You can instantly begin implementing the program as soon as you sign up. You will simply have to determine which features you want to use or deactivate.

Limit Data Access & User Authorization

  • You can grant program access to an unlimited number of user IDs.
  • Each user ID can have its own unique set of accesible modules, menus, and data entry options. You can also create authorization groups in order to apply the same authorization settings to multiple users.
  • Each company can setup its own login verification process. You can limit access per IP address, business hours, and more.
  • If authorized, users can perform tasks within the program when they are away from the office or on the road.

Secured Data Servers

  • All data entered into the program will be saved on ECOUNT's secured servers, not on the user's PC.
  • ECOUNT's data servers are maintained in a secured server hosting facility that fulfills the requirements of our ISO 27001 certification. We have active detection protocols in place to safeguard against data security threats and downtime.
  • Along with the use of secured servers, users can also setup internal security measures within ECOUNT ERP that will limit access to the program similar to high-end data security systems.

Mobile Access

  • With the advancement of mobile devices, more companies are conducting business directly through their laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Since ECOUNT ERP is entirely web-based, users can log into the program directly through their mobile web browser without having to download or install an application.