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Company Messenger

Communicate with all employees or executives by chat messager.
If worried of the leakage of the information shared between employees, ECOUNT company messenger can be the answer.


  • Keep all your employees under one software to both manage work and communicate, instead of using an open messenger such as Whatsapp or Line whose data can easily be shared with outsiders.
  • ECOUNT messenger is linked to our ERP Inventory and Accounting menus to share information.
  • It is included in the monthly subcription and can be used on mobile app and PC.

Main Features

  • Corporate Chat Messenger

    • The ECOUNT messenger is a closed messenger within the company that can be used only by logging in ERP.
    • A smooth work-sharing is possible between employees, using 1:1/group chat rooms.
    • Files can be shared just by dragging your mouse, allowing a convenient sharing of images or documents.
    • Preview information prior to sending to chat rooms. Bookmark and search for information from old chats and extract the contents. Chat in Messenger in Mobile App.
  • Flexible Work Expansion

    • The company regulations, user manuals, and important information shared in messenger can be bookmarked for an easy later view.
    • Share ERP slips/vouchers, e-Approval drafts, and posts via messenger, and easily share work-relevant data.
    • Users invited to an existing chat room later can also view the past chat history, allowing to quickly grasp the work context and keep the workflow.
  • Use Also on Mobile

    • Even outside the office for a business trip or outside duty, you can use the messenger via ECOUNT mobile app.
    • The mobile messenger screen is optimized for mobile use.
  • Why Use Company Messenger

    • By one single messenger that ECOUNT provides, all communications within the company and their history can be managed in an integrated way.
    • As for chatrooms created to share notices that must be shared for work, use Lock Chatroom function and block all the participants from leaving the chatroom.
    • By applying a strict security level to your ECOUNT ERP, essentially block your corporate information from being leaked.
Company Messenger