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Affordable ERP

ECOUNT will reduce your internal costs by providing an all inclusive ERP with unlimited users at a cost of RM200/month. Using ECOUNT will allow one to focus on the growth of their company!


  • All inventory and accounting features are at a set monthly price of RM 200.
  • Instantly access all ECOUNT information by using our mobile app, communicate with employees instantly with our messenger, have customers submit their orders directly with our CS Portal.
  • Obtain support instantly, access video tutorials, learn more by using our online manuals and obtain system upgrades at free of charge.

Main Features

  • Why ECOUNT Is Affordable?

    • 70,000 companies are now using ECOUNT and growing, so we are able to sustain such a competitive price for our clients.
    • As a cloud-based ERP, there is no charge for installation and input screen and template customization.
    • Because it consists of one system, the cost of maintaining and upgrading the system is relatively low.
  • All the Features You Need for Your Company

    • It provides all functions such as inventory, production, accounting, sales, purchasing, salary, etc. at RM200 per month.
    • You can customize and change various functions for your company.
    • Since all the functions of ERP are connected to one another, with ECOUNT ERP you can manage the entire company with one task.
  • Customization at Its Finest

    • It has all the functions and can be adjusted and used according to your exact company needs with simple setting configuration.
    • There is no additional cost for customization of input screens, item set up, and template print formats.
  • Free Upgrades and Full System Management

    • With one single platform, ECOUNT allows an easy system maintenance and upgrade.
    • Without any extra charge, all technological supports such as server management, security, backup and upgrade are available.