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Cloud Storage You can share work-related materials in real-time using
ECOUNT cloud storage (EC Drive).

Real-time synchronization across all devices

  • Data is synchronized across all devices such as PC, mobile, etc. in real-time the moment the documents are saved.
  • Prevent confusions by ensuring access to the latest information.
  • Monitor the modification history of the documents and manage the versions for updated data.
  • PC Screen

    PC Screen
  • Mobile App Screen

    Mbile App Screen

Access to cloud without browser

  • Integrate This PC's file explorer with the cloud without the need to go through the browser.
  • Set the file explorer's cloud to launch as soon as the PC starts.

Powerful security management

  • Powerful security management

    ECOUNT stores the servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is known for its robust security system.

  • Powerful security management

    The data is stored in the cloud which prevents data loss due to PC malfunction.

  • Powerful security management

    Enhance security by setting authorization for data access on each ID.