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Electronic Contracts

Skip the hassle of printing contracts and sending mail, when signing contracts with business partners or labor contracts with employees.
With ECOUNT's e-contract feature, you can process everything online - from sending contracts to get them signed.


  • Simply input the email account that'll receive the contract.
  • The signer can view the contract via email, and sign it online to close the contract.
  • Track contracts progress and history at a glance.

Main Features

  • Easily Upload Contract

    • It's easy. Simply attach your contract in a .pdf file to upload.
    • You can write a memo to forward when sending contracts.
  • Quickly Communicate

    • Contracts are sent in real time via email.
    • Bulk Transfer feature - send the same contract to a large amount of parties at once.
    • 2nd Authentication allows you to secure your contract's security in an enhanced way.
  • Close Contract through Online Signing

    • Once receiving contracts, the signer can go through online signing to close the contract.
    • No need to ask for signed contracts. Download the fully signed contract from your ERP system.
  • e-Employment Contract

    • Just like general contracts with business partners, process your employment contract online as well.
    • By linking with Employee List, you can easily batch transmit labor contracts to your employees.
  • Grasp Contract Progress & History

    • View contracts that are in progress, completed, or canceled at a glance.
    • Use our Contract History Report to find the progress history like Time Viewed, Time Signed, etc.