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Server Security

Without specialized security operation around the clock, no system can be safe.
ECOUNT ERP will protect your company's business data without spending a lot of time and money on server management and data security.


  • By acquisition of the International Security Certification ISO27001, ECOUNT is ensuring a strong information security on an international level.
  • The data entered by users are distributed across multiple databases and secured in our headquarter office.
  • To further protect your ERP data, we store our servers in Amazon Web Services(AWS), essentially blocking any unauthorized access and leakage. Furthermore, users can set their own level of ERP account security.

Main Features

  • Acquisition of ISO27001 International Certification

    • ISO 27001 Certification is the internationally recognized certification system that mandates security standards by an international board of members in the field of information security.
    • ECOUNT acquired ISO 27001 in June 2011.
    • Also, in order to reinforce system security and improve customer trust, we manage data through a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS), in accordance with ISO 27001 Certification requirements.
  • Distributed Data Storage in Multiple Databases

    • ECOUNT backs up all data entered in ERP every day, based on an specific time range.
    • The entered data are encrypted and stored in multiple databases to prevent them from being decrypted by unauthorized parties.
    • We're also operating a separate team specialized in security to respond to security threats in real-time and keep the service secure.
  • Servers Stored in Amazon Web Services(AWS)

    • All ECOUNT servers are securely managed in Amazon Web Services(AWS), the world's leading cloud provider.
    • In AWS, strong security measures are applied to protect customer information.
    • All data are stored in the highly secure AWS data center.
    • In the AWS center, data are secured by various measures such as firewalls, DDoS attack protection, data encryption(SSE), and real-time monitoring(CloudTrail) for a thorough data security.
    • IPs that are considered to spread malicious codes or be dangerous are blocked by default.
    • Abnormal access attempts of a specific IP are also identified in real-time and immediately blocked.
  • Customize Your Account Security Level

    • The time to restrict access can be set per each user. You can block the access itself or from specific IPs. Set a password change interval and keep an appropriate account security level.
    • Administrators can check each user's login history and control logins from unauthorized places(forced logout, etc.).
Server Security