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What Is the Best Accounting System?

The reason you look for an alternative accounting system

For a more useful program

The bank transaction history alone does not suffice for your accounting management,
since the ultimate purpose of accounting data management is to view the reports and ledgers.
If there are no reports in the accountin program to back up the management's decision, it does not help the business.

For a more affordable program

If cost is added every time you add a user or an additional feature such as payroll or inventory, it certainly is a burden to company management.
If the expenses of program maintenance and usage are increased, it can be hard for you to use the program in a long-term.

For all your employees' use

If only one user ID is given and only one of your accounting managers can use accounting system on his/her own PC,
it takes additional time to share work data via e-mail or printed documents.
Furthermore, if various works such as sales, purchases, production, and expenses are managed separately, the works could be missed.

Strengths of ECOUNT Accounting System

Executives can directly view data.

Access the desired data simply by logging in ECOUNT Accounting system.
No need to request and receive data via email or printed documents.
Easily and quickly check accounting ledgers and details necessary for your decision-making.
View major financial statements such as income statement and balance sheets and view the status of your funds and sales.

The ledgers are automatically created. It's simple.

Simply entering in your sales/purchases and payments/receipts, the data are automatically journalized and reflected in all ledgers in real-time.
With no need for a complex knowledge in accounting, your double-entry book keeping is automatically carried out simply by entering in your transactions.
Moreover, you can link banks and credit cards with ERP and import real-time transaction history.
Simply convert the scrapped data into ERP vouchers and minimize the work of checking the details one by one.

Directly reflect your sales, purchases, and production history on accounting.

All of your company's work ends up in accounting.
In ECOUNT accounting system, you can simply enter your sales, purchases, and production details.
And then the accounting system will immediately process the data you entered and reflect them on ledgers for your immediate check.
Since unlimited number of users can use the program, all employees can directly enter in their own work.
They can also check the data entered by other departments, process them in accounting, and any work is not missed.

Payment/receipt schedule is thoroughly managed.

Set an expected date of payment/receipt for your sales/purchases.
Based on the scheduled payment/receipt amount, you can project the available funds.
When the scheduled date arrives, you can confirm the payment/receipt projection and directly reflect it on accounting.

Manage your budgets easily.

Set your budget by period/department.
Keep your budget limit by blocking users from saving slips or sending alerts.
Your budget operation will be more economical.

Manage your imports by transaction.

In ECOUNT accounting system, you can assign a unique number by each import transaction.
Accordingly, you can manage each transaction in a full flow, from receiving invoice through customs clearance.
Record all the supplementary expenses incurred from the import, and view the flow of your imports in various reports.

What Is a Best Accounting System?